Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two {ahem} well children

Yesterday, we had two well child checkups, so, of course, both kids got sick.   How did that happen?  Let's examine the evidence.

I mean, it's not like they put legos in their mouths, pretending they're ice cream, and then share them, is it?

Oh, well, maybe she feels some responsibility.

Oh.  Clearly not.  Hmm.  Maybe we should work on that....

I was very excited by their growth, though.  Ella is in the 95% for her height and 50% for weight {no surprise}.  What a girl!

Jack, my little shrimpie-no-longer, is now in the 60% for height and 45% for weight! 

{Please excuse the picture.  He is quite agile, and is hiding his leg.}

WOW!!!  Congrats, guys! 

So, back to our sick house.  We are taking it easy and Mama is in high demand.  I am thoroughly enjoying a little girl who wants to sit very close and read, and a little boy who just wants to put his head down on his mama.  I want them to feel better, but I'm going to milk it while I can!

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