Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jack Man

I realize that I write a lot about Ella.  That's because she's the funny one at this point.  She makes me laugh, and I like to write about that.  Like today when we were at the gym and passed an elderly man with a cane, and Ella said, "Mama, is he old or just rich?"  See what I mean?  Funny.

Jack, on the other hand, is calm, cool, and collected.  He is rarely fussy, and is content to sit beside me on the couch.  He just crosses his feet and settles in.  He allows his sister to abuse help him walk (he's getting wise to this recently, though).
He's my handsome boy, and I love him.  I think he wants to model when he gets older.  See?

He melts my heart each day.  He nuzzles, he cuddles, he kisses my cheek.  I am enjoying every second of his little life, and I thank God for giving us this gift named Jack, Jackster, Jack Man, or Jackie, depending on the day.

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