Thursday, March 31, 2011

And now it's time for silly songs with Ella

The is the part of the program where Ella sings...a silly song.

If you have no idea what the above song is, you are not alone.  The only word I am actually sure of is "pretty."  I think.

Music is important in our family.  We introduced it early.

We sing a lot each day.  I love teaching Ella songs, because, for awhile, they will be sung my way.  Inevitably, though, at some future date, they change forever.  Have you ever heard of the following ?

In His Toes {Sung to the tune of In His Time}

In His toes
In His toes
It's so preciously, loverly, doverly
In His toes!!!!!!

 - or -

Aunt Becca's Coming Round the Mountian

which includes verses like

Aunt Becca's wearing red pajamas when she comes!!!...

 - or -

Jesus Loves Lily, This I Know

 - or -

Old MacDonald

...And on that farm he had a cow and a tractor and a red chicken and an alligator

 - or -

Old MacDonald Ice Cream Shop {sung to Old MacDonald had a Farm} - this one is because she calls McDonalds Old MacDonald and thinks that it is an ice cream shop.  Obviously.

Old MacDonald Ice Cream Shop
So yummy you don't want to stop
With a Mmmm Mmmm here and a Mmmm Mmmm there....

I could go on.  What a silly girl.

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