Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Handsome Hero and me

I am married to Handsome Hero, also known as Bill.

He's my hero for several reasons. 
1.  He loves Christ more than me.
2.  He loves me and is my best friend.
3.  He is a rockstar father.

If you didn't know us very well, you would learn of my goofy side pretty quickly.

Handsome Hero's crazy side takes awhile to show up.  But it's there.  Otherwise I couldn't have married him.

The above picture is actually more of his "I'm so tired" side, but his goofy side is in there.  It just doesn't photograph well.

I'm going to talk about how wonderful Handsome Hero is.  Don't you love hearing people talk about how wonderful their husbands are?  It is so encouraging!

Like how he lets his little girl give him a pedicure. 

Or how he's so secure in his manhood that he will use an infant carrier.  Little known fact: lots of dads won't use them because they aren't manly.  But you can't fault the specimens of manliness in the picture above.

In our Titus 2 group back in Washington, our leader, Gail, would often ask us what we loved about our husbands at that moment.  Well, here's what I love about Handsome Hero right now.

These are from him after the loss of the baby.  They are my two favorite flowers.  They represent simplicity and elegance to me.  Daffodils were always growing wild where I grew up, and tulips were what I carried in our wedding.  They both have lots of joy attached to them.

Handsome Hero is an engineer.  He has the brain of an engineer.  In other words, he doesn't think like a human.

The thing is, he knows this.  So, he's been very purposeful in asking how I'm doing, even two weeks later.  He wants to know how to love me better.  His comfort is based on Christ, and he is leading me to seek His will for our family.

{Pardon the photography.  I didn't realize the power cord was in the shot until today}

This makes him a wonderful husband.  It makes him a great dad for a daughter, because he's always listening.  It makes him a great dad for a son, because he'll teach him how to do this for his wife someday. 

I am blessed.  What a hero.

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