Thursday, March 10, 2011

growing up

I do not like it that my little girl will be 4 in two weeks.  Just last week, we went from this:
To this, just with a haircut.  She seems so much bigger!  Unless you know that she's wearing two pairs of PJs and thinks the rabbit is a sled.  But still.
So, she is why I named this blog Coffee and Cocoa Tea.  She loves to smell the coffee beans, helps me make my coffee, and smells the finished brew.  Then, she asks for cocoa tea.  Cocoa tea is hot chocolate, and we're not sure why she started calling it that, but we love it. 

Yesterday, she came down to breakfast.  Not breckist, as she has called it since she could speak, but BREAKFAST.  Then, the real blow came.   "Mama, can I have some hot chocolate?"

But I'm not changing my blog name.  Mainly because I don't know how.

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