Saturday, March 26, 2011

She's FOUR!

I can't believe my little girl is FOUR YEARS OLD!  We just had her party.  I made some party hats, which would not have gotten done if the template hadn't been cut out by my friend, Joslyn.  i dont kut good.

The kids each chose a hat when they came in.  They were a hit!

Streamers and balloons go a long way on a short buck {is that even a saying?  If not, you may quote me, as long as you site your source}.

I made cake pops instead of making a cake.  They are so cute, and leftovers freeze really well.  I learned about them here.

I forgot to get a "before" shot of the spread, but it was pretty.  I promise, Mom!

Ella opened presents from her friends.  That's Jon in the background {Jon, not John, as he informed me when he asked for a new cup that spelled his name correctly}.  Jon was very excited about the gardening set they gave Ella.  Side note:  Ella is very into wearing two layered shirts.  She always asks to do that.  Either she just wants spring to come, or she's copying Handsome Hero and wearing her version of undershirts.

Now, I am a planner.  After years of trying to pass myself off as a from-the-hip kind of girl, I admit that I like to have a plan.  I even write it down.  Last year, we had game time, craft time, singing time, and reading time, in addition to presents and food.  I had a plan.  It made me comfortable.  I felt all warm and fuzzy, because I knew what was going to happen, and I was in charge {does anyone else see a small spiritual issue here?}. 

This year, we invited three families.  Those three plus our family made for FIFTEEN kids!  Did I mention we had a snowstorm this week and going outside was out of the question?

For obvious reasons, I wanted to do some games or have some organization, but we didn't.  Firstly, our guests ranged in age from infants to nine years old.  Secondly, every game or activity I could think of that could accomodate the age range and the number of kids, Ella didn't have any interest in playing, and it was her party {notice - willingness to admit it's her party and not mine.  Progress!}.  In the end, the kids just played by themselves and that was fine. 

It was a good time, and nothing fell to pieces because of my lack of control.  

Actually, that's not true.  Jack fell to pieces, literally.  During the party, Jack got away and climbed up the stairs, or tried to, while holding his water bottle.  He fell and hit his head on the corner of the post at the bottom of the stairs.  Because it was a head wound, it was really horrible looking, but he's fine, though I wonder if he'll ever grow hair in that spot. 

Don't worry.  I'm fine, too.  A little traumatized, but fine.  Prone to holding on to him a little too tightly and a little too often, but fine. 


  1. Looks like an awesome party! Your house looks wonderful too! Great Job, Beth! Here are some extra exclamation points in case you were wondering about how psyched I am for you and this Par-Tay!!!!!!!

  2. ugh! This causes me to miss you SOOOO very much! Weren't we just at the VanDerbeckens like yesterday having Ella's baby shower? ugh!

  3. we had a blast at the party! ((you're way better at this blogging thing than i am!)) i've been so far behind?!? praying you're all doing well and that the kiddos are better. breigh was just asking yesterday if ella still had her cough. see you Lord willing sunday!!
    ps. shaun is going to be working a lot the next few weeks... :( maybe the kiddos and i could come over for a playdate? i guess that's sort of like inviting ourselves over isn't it? hope we don't come across as rude...just bored to pieces. lol. :)