Saturday, March 26, 2011

Favorite store: ReStore

As soon as we found out we were moving to Wisconsin, I hopped online to see if some of my favorite stores were here.  Stores like Trader Joe's {no}, Costco {no}, and Ikea {no, big tear}.  Also, there are a million and one children's consignment stores in Washington.  I counted.  There is one that I've seen in Wisconsin.  I counted.  

There are, however, some good places in the Great White North.  A few months after moving here, we discovered ReStore.  It's a Habitat for Humanity resale shop.  You can't take unused tiles or old doors or sinks or what have you to Goodwill.  When you redo your kitchen or bath or any other room, you take your leftovers to ReStore.  It's an amazing space, filled with perfectly fine tiles for 10 cents, beautiful solid doors for $5, or spray paint for $1.  It's a DIYers dream.   Want to spray paint a chandelier orange like my dear friends Lydia and Steve did, but don't want to invest in something you may not like?  Go to ReStore!  You can find great ones for $10!   You can also find very ugly ones for $10.  You choose!

I like to wander and let my imagination take over when I'm in ReStore.  Yesterday, while the whole family {Handsome Hero included} were taking naps after Ella's birthday party {post to come}, I took the opportunity to roam.  On a shelf filled with vintage power tools in their original packages that labeled themselves as being "handy" there was this.

An old tool box.  It. is. AWESOME! 

I'm not sure what I'll use it for.  Put canning jars in it and fill them with plastic silverware on one side and put napkins on the other for picnics?  Clean it up, maybe paint it, and put hand towels and toiletries in it for guests?  Use it as a {gasp} tool box?  Oh, and did you see the price tag?

I love ReStore.

I also got tiles to make some coasters {tutorial to come}, and a large board that I am going to make into "art," a term used oh, so loosely.  All for three dollars.  Except that ReStore has a policy that any purchase under five dollars must be in cash, which I didn't have, so I had to buy two candy bars to get my order up to five dollars.  It was a hardship.

p.s.  Handsome Hero decided this morning that he could make a frame for my "art," so off to ReStore again this morning, where we bought two prefinished gorgeous pieces of baseboard for $1.84.  He had cash.  No more candy bars.  Bummer. 

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