Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How babies are made

{In advance, please pardon the potty talk, but when you have little wonderkids, potty talk is awesome just part of life.}

Did you ever wonder how babies are made?
Today, Ella asked me if I had a baby inside of me.  I said that I didn't anymore. 
She said, "Did it die?" 
I answered, "Yes, it died and went to Heaven." 
She pondered this for awhile and then looked brightly at me.  "Well, Mama, you should eat lots of food so you can have another baby!  Did you know that's how babies are made?  You eat lots of food, and instead of becoming peepees and poopoos, they turn into a baby.  You can make another one quick if you want to!" 

You know, having a four year old therapist works for me.

Her approach is unconventional, like shock therapy.  She's very smart, my Ella, but then, she has Handsome Hero's big shoes to fill.

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