Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A year ago

On July 5, 2010, the Lewis family moved to Appleton, Wisconsin {again}.  We watched the Fourth of July fireworks in Seattle, Washington with friends before heading to our hotel to fly out the next day.  We borrowed coats and sat under blankets because it was so cold.

The next day we flew out here and walked out of the airplane only to practically drink the air.  It was the most humidity I have ever experienced, and I grew up in Tennessee!

We got to our house

{that was painted Cheerio box yellow and navy inside}

and found that the water heater had died.  We had no hot water for over a week.  Maybe that's because Handsome Hero thinks the wires are edible....

Anyway, I found out that it takes four kettles of boiling water to make a good bath temp. for the kids, and twice that for me {I like to cook a little in my bath}.

We also found out Jack was sicker than we realized {more on that here}. 

Ella had to take second place for awhile, and struggled in that role.

Three was a hard year for that little girl and her parents. :) 

Handsome Hero travelled more than we had expected and had the adjustment to corporate life from mill life.  And me, I cried.  I cried much.

I cried as I had to lean on the Lord for strength through the tough times, because He had taken away my net of friends who had supported me.  He became my only support.  And I grew because of it.

Soon after our move, our dear church in Seattle that taught us so much, that molded us as parents and reframed our marriage, split.  It was horrible.  Wonderful, heart-broken people on both sides.  Soon after that, we got the news that the mill where Handsome Hero had worked was being shut down.

We were protected from these things.  We have had our own trials, but have been saved the agony of dealing with a church split and the possibility of losing a job.

In a year, we have been so blessed.  Jack is healthy and so much fun, Ella is enjoying four way more than three {and so are her parents}, Handsome Hero has reached a kind of equilibrium and is doing well, and I am adjusting to this new life, reveling in being where I am supposed to be.

I know it isn't a good one, but it's the only recent pic I have of all of our family. 

Who knows what the future holds for next year?  I don't, but I don't have to.  I just have to rely on the One who has already planned it.

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  1. Such a wonderful testimony of God's love and protection! I miss you all so much! Give Ella Bella a big kiss from all of us! Give Jack a big tickle from a family of people he doesn't know, and give Billdaddy a peck on the cheek from us girls and a burleyman smack on the back from bobjase.