Friday, July 29, 2011

Dresser and closet updates

As promised, here is the second installment of my closet organization!  Yeah!!!  Confetti flying everywhere!!!

I asked my friend, Joslyn, to come by last night for dinner and to give me perspective on the clothing I have kept.   I took a picture of her for the blog, but it was terrible and does not show how adorable she is, so instead, we'll call this cucumber that she grew Joslyn.  Hello, Joslyn!  Green is definitely your color.

Sometimes we need another pair of eyes to keep us objective when it comes to our clothes, especially when they fit really well but are out of date.  Our styles are different, so it was wonderful to get Joslyn's take on what she would pair together to make an outfit. She helped me to weed through a final time.

After having a couple of ladies comb through my cast-offs, here is my final pile.

So, finally, the sorting is done.  Now it's easy to go in my closet knowing everything there fits and is able to be worn. I actually have to keep reminding myself that I can wear everything in there. I amazes me how many things had been sitting in my closet that I couldn't wear, and I just kept looking at them sadly but not doing anything about it.  Isn't that a rather pathetic mental image?

I didn't get rid of as much as I put into storage.  I am still in transition, losing weight, but at the same time knowing another pregnancy could be in my future.  I look forward to being able to shed all the excess stuff.

On another note, remember this post from Monday?  Well, I have learned quite a bit from that little dresser.  Most importantly, check the weather report.  If it looks like rain in the week ahead, put off the project until a sunny week.  I finished sanding and staining on Tuesday evening.  I was excited to paint it on Wednesday and polyurethene on Wednesday evening or Thursday {the poly won't be on the painted part, so I could do it while the paint was drying}. 

Problem: Tuesday night began the rain that would not quit.  When the humidity is high, stain, like paint, does not dry.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  All to say, instead of taking eight hours, it has taken three days to dry.  The good news is that I love it. 

{oopsy!  dirty lens}

  It's a beautiful rich stain called Jacobean.  The wood grain shows through so nicely.

It's finally dry, so hopefully on Monday, weather permitting, I'll have a beautiful dresser to show you.

Sunny days are here again....


Rain, rain, go away. 

Whichever applies.

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  1. so thankful for your purging of the closet. i'm still sporting some very cool "new" shorts. the picture of the cucumber reminds me of some funny conversation...and i'm not sure if i can call it joslyn. lol. anyways...thanks again for everything. i LOVED it. ((and it's the very first time someone has ever just given me stuff for myself. so it really truly is such a blessing!!))