Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My project list

Do you ever have so many exciting projects in your head that you can't decide what to tackle next? I have that feeling!  And I'm excited!!!!  I show that by using lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!

Here's an incomplete breakdown. If I put my mind to it, I could come up with many more.

1. Stencil dining room wall
2. Upholster 2 chairs
3. Upholster a bench
4. Make pillows
5. Fixing the piano room floor lamp that everyone and her sister has informed me has missed the mark by a mile. It's good to have accountability...I think.
6. Refinish the dining room buffet
7. Refinish the living room dresser
8. Create a jewelry display that works in my closet here so that I can see at a glance what I have.
9. Organize all the closets in the house now that we've lived here long enough to know what should go in each closet.
10. Help Handsome Hero get the garage in order.

I have collected the tools and fabrics needed for each of the projects above, so it's just a matter of doing.

And, yes, the projects above actually do sound exciting to me! I'm a dweeb, I know.

So I asked Handsome Hero to help get me started.  I was getting really excited to start on the stencil this week, but I need his mad math skills to do it correctly.  It's going {I hope} to look like wallpaper. 

But he asked me to wait. 


He asked me to tackle some of the small project stuff, specifically organization, before I tackle something as time consuming as the stencil is sure to be.  That way, even though that project area is a crazy zone, the rest of the house is an organized sanctuary {my words - I think he said, "you know, so it looks good"}.

I was a little sour at first, because I'd built up the excitement inside - remember the exclamation points?????!!!!!!!  I had this playing in my head:

I was going to beat that wall into submission!  But, alas, Handsome Hero is right.  He really is.  And, oddly, I like organizing. 

So I am not dejected, downcast, and dour to have my project plans thwarted, as you might expect.  I'm delighted, dignified, and dainty.  Oh, whatever.  You try coming up with "d" words that are happy.

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