Thursday, July 14, 2011


Like many of you, I am the mother of a "Why?" question asker.  Mine requires an answer to each and every one and will repeat until she gets one.  Trips in the car are usually great fodder for these questions, and since I so not have a working radio, there is nothing to distract her and I'm a captive audience.

A recent trip to the grocery store went something like this.

Why are we going to the store?
Why do we need coffee?
Why do you like coffee?
Why can't I drink coffee?
Who is that man?
Why is he on the top of that truck?
Why is he working on the street light?
What is his name?
Why didn't he tell you his name?
Why don't you know him?


Why is the light red so we can't go?
Why is the man over there looking out of his window?
Why is he inside his house?
What is his name?
Why didn't he tell you his name?
Why don't you know him?


Why do we have gum in the car?
Why can't I have some gum?
Why did God make clouds?
Why did God make rain?
Why did God make thunder?
Why are you so silly?


Why is Jack fussy?
Why do I need a nap when we get home?
Why do you need a break?
Why are you tired?
Why are your ears about to explode?
Why do you need a vacation?

I actually love this inquisitive nature.  I don't always respond as if I do.  Recently, I have been treating the questions as if they are a bother.  Because, frankly, they are.  They take up precious space in my brain.  I cannot go on autopilot because, while she forgets frequently how to clean her room, she never seems to forget an answer to these questions and they will come up in future conversation. 

I have noticed, though, that when I change my mindset and heart to be accepting of these questions and treat them as a conversation with my four-year-old daughter, we have a really great time.  There will come a time when she won't ask all these questions, and I'll probably miss them, so I might as well enjoy them now, right? 

Why will I enjoy them?
Why will I miss them later?
Why are strawberries red?
Why is blueberry yogurt purple....

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  1. I love this post!

    Why is Ella so cute?

    Why are you such a good blogger?

    Why couldn't you have moved to our neighborhood?