Thursday, July 28, 2011

I went into the closet.

Remember when I told you Handsome Hero asked me to work on organization before I took on any more projects?  Well, I took it to heart and have been working to weed through, cull, and organize all of our possessions.

Turns out, I misunderstood the man.  He didn't care if I organized the closets or not. But the organization bug was now in me.  Did you know there was such a bug?  It's Latin origin is Organizia.

Our master closet was a wonderful selling point, as you can see. It's huge. I didn't think we could beat the his and hers closets we had in our last house. We certainly did.

Not to complain about having a huge closet, but my complaint about having a huge closet is this:  it is hard not to make it into a catch all store room.  Don't know where to put something?  Throw it in the closet!  Company coming over and no time to clean?  Throw it in the closet and forget it!  Where so you keep the Christmas or birthday presents?  Store them in the closet!  Obviously, my closet complaint is about me and my housekeeping and not about the closet itself, and I know many of you would love to have such tough problems in your lives, so I'll stop complaining now.

I recently have dropped some baby weight, and so I went through my closet, trying on everything, and putting into storage boxes anything that was out of season, maternity {I couldn't believe I had maternity still in the closet - Jack was seven months old when we moved here!}, or too big {I don't want to get rid of too-big clothes yet because we may have another baby, Lord willing}. I also made a large pile of give-away items.

I read somewhere that to make a place look lived in and homey in pictures, put a pair of shoes on the floor.  I don't think this applies to closets where you are trying to show your organizational prowess.  Or maybe I should have chosen a rockin' pair of heels.  Note to self: buy a rockin' pair of heels.

As you can see, we got rid of a lot of clothing!

Two things are still to be done.  We have no full length mirror in the house, and one is needed.  If I want to see if an outfit works, I have to walk down the stairs and get a progressive view in the mirror at the bottom.  It's like a reveal on TV.  I don't need that kind of anticipation just to see myself!

Also, the jewelry holders that I made for our last house aren't practical in this one.   The only place they fit is behind my clothes in the back of the closet.  I need to figure out a replacement that I can put over the dresser that will fit all of my jewelry.  I love big chunky necklaces and bracelets and they take up a lot more space than that jewelry box can hold.  Besides, if you don't see it, you forget it and don't wear it.

 Check out the paint job on this dresser.  My sister did it for me in 199?. I promise it was the height of cool then!  Someday I will update you, little dresser.

Even with these "to do's," it is wonderful to have the organization part mostly done.  I do have a final piece that I will tell you about...


Don't you love cliffhangers?  Get it?  CliffHANGERS?  In a CLOSET???  I kill me!

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