Friday, July 15, 2011

Hair - I did it, people!

As I stated in this post, I was feeling a need for a hair change.  Well, I took the plunge.  Before I went, my camera and I shared a photo {see how cozy we look together}.

And a couple of hours later, this is what I came home with. 

I. Love. It.  It's fun and sassy, and is more my personality {which, I have apparently decided, is fun and sassy}.  But then I thought, this is what it looks like styled by Chris, and if you were to touch it, you would want to go wash your hands, like, immediately.  It was really goopy and waxy.  So much so that I washed my pillowcase this morning.

Speaking of, this is what I looked like this morning.

So I then fixed it myself.  It's my first try, and I don't have any product yet, but I still like it, as you can see by my photo of me smiling to my inanimate camera.  That's a weird feeling.  I kept telling myself everything that I heard from school photographers as a kid: "Chin down, eyes right here, finger out of your nose...." 

There you have it.  A post of pictures of me.  Just what you always wanted.


  1. i already told you i liked it. well i love it. i'm just not good with "gushing" in public. i'm a better gusher as a writer...yes this is my wowzers i really stayed at beth's til almost one again...even though i'm tired it's so worth it...brain.
    i also think the picture of the funny face "before" picture should've made it "public". your hair also looks nice on the "blue" backround. your photographer should've thought of that last night too. she's slacking...but the bananas distracted her... ;) bahaha. ((i really truly absolutely (that sounds like a barney episode) had a blast talking with you last night, well i do every time we talk, but i'm so thankful for the friendship we have...just make sure i don't become that "friend" who never seems to leave. or shut up. or whatever. because i do not want to be that. okay. done rambling.))

  2. LOVE IT! Totally you! looks amazing! So glad you went all the way with it nice and short. Dang, you are looking skinny! Nice work!

  3. Pretty X's 1,00000000000000000 Beth!!

  4. BETH! THAT IS SO CUTE! (Yes, I'm yelling.)