Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can you still fit into your wedding clothes?

Handsome Hero and I went out for our anniversary last night.  And, like a good wife who knows what's best for her family, I badgered the mister into taking a picture of just the two of us before we left.  I told him that he'd be so happy to have it later.  I mean, what if I died in a car crash today?  Wouldn't he want a recent picture? 

Maybe I didn't say that last part, but I won't promise I didn't think it. 

Our date was awesome.  We don't get a lot of dates, living so far from family, so these times are precious.  I am thankful that spending time together is still such a high priority.

But back to my reason for this post.  I would like to venture that most of you married types out there can no longer fit into your wedding attire.  It happens to the best of us, you know.  We have great intentions of staying the size we were at the time of our wedding, but life {and a kid or two} catches up with us.

Well, I've worked very hard, and have sacrificed and exercised in order to say that eight years later, I can still do it!


Just look at the fit.  It's perfect!  Not too tight, not too loose.  The seams aren't pulling.  Yep, I'm very proud to say that I am still able to wear these.  I can also say with confidence that I fit into the earrings and necklace that I wore very nicely.  It's almost shameful to look this good.

What, did you think I meant the dress? 

Oh, please.


  1. so glad you guys got to go on a date!! i LOVE the wedding shoes. :)
    i also want you to know that we are more than willing to come watch your kiddos so you can go on more dates! ((you know as long as you don't mind five other kiddos invading your house while you're gone!)) but in all seriousness...i'm totally serious!

  2. My wedding dress is too big on me. :)