Monday, July 11, 2011


Not the musical, silly!  The stuff coming out of my head.  Come enter my brain for a few minutes of turmoil:

When we move to a new location, there are two things that I hate more than all others.  Finding a church and finding a hairstylist.

Finding a church is hard for obvious reasons, but finding a stylist is almost harder, though not as important {can we all say, "duh?"}.  If you have a bad cut, you have to wait weeks to try someone else!  Some people take it all in stride and just fix whatever is wrong on their own.  I am not one of these mavericks who can just whack at her own head and make beautiful things happen.  Or anyone else's head, for that matter.  I wanted to give Jack a haircut recently, and even got so far as getting the scissors out of the drawer, but I just couldn't bring myself to ruin him.  He's just too cute for that.   

I am pretty confident in my decorating choices for my home and about what I like in clothing and accessories.  I am a dufus when it comes to my hair. 

It's kind of surprising, really.  I am actually pretty good at fixing hair, and when mine was long, I enjoyed creating fun hairstyles.  People even hired me to do their hair for prom and other similar events.  I did my sister's hair for her wedding.  Isn't she beautiful?  She didn't pay me.  I did it pro bono.  It's a love thing.

But sit me down with the task of finding the perfect cut for myself and my heart starts pounding.  I don't know what to do!  I need to be guided.

Enter Chris.  He's my stylist, and he never does exactly what I want him to do, but I always get tons of compliments on his cuts, so I keep going back.   He's like a drug.

So here's my most recent problem.  I want to cut my hair in a pixie hairstyle.  I've never done it.  I was close once, in college, when I had to cut my hair really short because I burned off a conspicuous chunk of it with a curling iron and it was the only way to fix it.  I hadn't entertained the idea of a pixie for myself until recently.  I'd been feeling like I needed something new, and when I saw my sister's gorgeous hair, I wanted it.  Sibling rivalry and all that.

She's still a beauty.  But my sister is tiny.  I mean TINY, as you can see.

So here are the thoughts running through my head.

1.  What if we get our signals crossed, and Chris doesn't do what I want?
2.  What if I look fat with a pixie hairstyle?
3.  I don't want to look butch.  Will I have to wear makeup so that I look like a girl?  I'm a stay-at-home mom.  That gives me the right to only wear makeup to church.
4.  My hair is pretty thick.  Will it 'fro when it grows out?
5.  What if I think it looks good, but in pictures it looks awful?
6.  In reference to #5, why do I care?  I'm never in any pictures unless I throw the camera at someone and beg to have my picture taken.  My children will someday think they grew up without a mother.
7.  Don't delve too deeply in that last statement.  You won't come back out.
8.  Looking at the picture above, my hair is already kind of short.  Why am I stressing about this in the first place {don't deny it - you were thinking this, too}?

Let's all take a collective sigh {sigh}.  Deep breaths, now.  Time for the disclaimer.  Ready?

I know that hair grows back. 

I also know that if this is the biggest problem I have, my life is easy.

I know, too, that I am apparently more vain than I had realized.  A whole blog post vain, to be exact!

In conclusion, if I go through with it, I will post picture of my new hairstyle.

If it looks good. 


  1. i love this post. :) mainly because we just talked about this yesterday and i feel like we were just having another conversation about it. i'm weird. yes.
    anyways. if you're "scared" about going super short, you could do a "longer" pixie cut? then it isn't cutting it ALL off, but most, and then next time you can go shorter if you love it, and longer if you don't love it.
    your concerns:
    1. that is what i'd be the most nervous about...BUT you have always looked fantastic. so i wouldn't be too nervous.
    2. since you aren't can't look fat. :)
    3. totally "get" this one. i feel you give off a very girly look. and feel...after all you *are* the fancy lady. ((i've seen you in sweats, heck and a robe! lol, and you've always looked like a girl to me.))
    4. i have thin hair. i have no idea.
    5. i often worry about this. but since neither of us are often in pictures...not too worry. :)
    6. well i sort of covered that. and think we should change it up. or at least make sure we're in pictures once in awhile for our kids. evaleigh will grow up thinking the naked lady really is her mom. ;)
    7. oops.
    8. i wasn't thinking it. :) i think you'll be cute.
    can't wait to see it thursday...or if you cancel book study...i'll know it didn't turn out.

    ((sorry for the long did say you like comments...))

  2. Do it! If you don't go all in, you will miss the drama of a pixie cut! Be brave and trust you're stylist's judgement! Sounds like he hasn't led you astray yet!

  3. O.K. - this is your incredibly HONEST friend. I accidentally got all of my hair cut off 2x's! I mean S H O R T. I did have to compensate with wearing more make up or I just looked kind of unbalanced somehow. When I was skinny and got it cut off it seemed O.K. but when I was chubby and got it cut off I felt like a pin-head. A very unhappy pin-head! Also, my hair is thick and wavy (as is yours) and it flipped up kind of randomly but was too short to straighten.

    But then again, I am not you (tall, beautiful, elegant, stylish...) so I think whatever you do will look great on you!