Monday, October 31, 2011

What do you do in the evenings when you are trying to make dinner but you can't because your kids can't seem to keep themselves occupied without breaking something?

Answer:  BLACK BEANS!!!!!  Or any beans.  Or corn.  Or rice. 

I keep a jar of dry black beans on the counter.

The kids LOVE them.

Whaaa?  What'd I do?
We pull them out every week or two.

They're always a hit.

Ella's diabolical face.  She'll play Dr. Frankenstein one of these days.

The kids play with jars and kitchen utensils, or whatever else we can think of.  To contain the mess, I use two trays, but rimmed baking sheets would work just as well.

I use black beans because our floors are light and they are easy to see.  See them?

After we're done,  we sweep them up and put them back in the jar for next time.  Unless the floors aren't clean {but that never happens at my house}.


  1. I LOVE ideas like this.

    I used to have a small wash bin that I filled with cheap off-brand puffed wheat and mixed in some 'prizes' I found at the dollar store like little toys and smooth decorating stones and such. Lydia loved going for treasure hunts and using measuring cups and such to play. Apparently, this type of tactile play is good for them, too.

    You're such a great mommy!

  2. my kids love it too. we haven't done it in awhile. but it's great sensory play. and lots of other kinds of play.
    when i worked at the daycare we would fill a small pool up with these things. well not FULL but the bottom of it.
    once we were crazy and did pudding play. and jello. ((these things will NOT be happening at my house. ever. at least not on purpose))