Friday, October 28, 2011

Ruffle flower pillow

I had leftover fabric from making this pillow and decided to use it in my piano room.  I was going to make a tutorial for it, but realized after I had committed to my method that I could have done this WAY more easily if I had just made the flower separately and then attached it.  So I suppose this is a tutorial of how not to make this pillow.

I like it, but the material {not sure what it is anymore} was difficult to work with.  It kept stopping up my machine.

I made the flower by finding the center of the front of the pillow and hand stitching a strip of the fabric around and around until it was full.

Again, if I had it to do over, I would make the flower separately and then attach it once the pillow cover was sewn.  It would eliminate puckering and make sewing the body of the pillow cover much easier.

I tried different embellishments on the front, like a brooch that was my grandmother's.

I decided in the end that it would be dangerous to have jewelry on a pillow that would be most likely used in playing house, pillow fights, etc.  Not to mention that pillows are suppoed to be soft and squishy and comfortable! 

Instead, I opted for a simple black button. 

I like it.  It was a pain to do because of my material and my method, but I do like it.

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  1. i love it. really. love it.
    breigh wants to know:: did ella make it? how did she get the stuffing in it? who teached her how to do it? when did she make it? can i have some yogurt? ((oops. that one was for me. ;) ))