Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Parks aren't just for kids!

My inlaws were here over the weekend, and we had a lovely time. 

On Monday, we went to the park.

 Ella said she had her head down because she was sad, but she didn't know why.

Ella loves her Grandma Joyce.

They raced to the park first.

Grandpa Bob pushed the kids on the swings,

And couldn't resist explaining what a transformer was to Ella.  He's an electrical engineer.  I'm sure it was shocking, electrifying, enlightening very interesting. 

Meanwhile, Handsome Hero's sister, Merilee, tested gravity on the wheels.

And Handsome Hero tested his fighting skills on the rings.

I showed off my one-arm pull-ups.  My feet are totally off the ground.  I promise.

Stand in awe of the raw power! And the spiky hair!

We learned that Merilee is training for a triathlon.  The first leg is the car race.

The second leg is arm-pump swinging.

The last leg is roller sliding.  What form!  It's exhausting.

I tried my hand at the car racing, but I am just not cut out for that stuff.  Too hard core.

More pictures from this visit to come.  The ones you want to see.  The ones with little kiddos in them.

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