Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall yarn wreath tutorial

Last week, I said that I had made two Fall wreaths.  Here is the second one.

It's so very, well, Fallish, don't you think?  I've done a yarn wreath tutorial before, and it begins the same way, but this one is so different that I thought I would share the tutorial anyway.

You'll need:
- Wreath form {not shown, but I used an eighteen inch straw one because it is thicker than styrofoam - it was a huge mess, though}
- Lots of yarn {one large or two smaller skeins}
- Embellishing yarn or ribbon
- Felt
- Straight pins and/or hot glue

Note - I shopped my craft closet for this project, using scraps. The only thing I purchased was the wreath form, so this wreath cost me two dollars. I can't imagine this would cost more than fifteen dollars if you bought everything new, though.

Wrap your wreath in your main yarn.  It took me two times around to get full coverage.

Take an embellishment yarn or ribbon and wrap it around in one direction as shown.  Attach the beginning and ending with straight pins or hot glue.

Take your second embellishment yarn or ribbon and wrap over the first to make X's.  Attach in the same way {though with yarn I would use hot glue}.

Cut a small piece of felt.  It won't be seen, so it doesn't have to be pretty.

Cut a long strip of felt.  I was using leftover felt from a bolt.  If you're using a sheet, cut strips.  Using hot glue, bunch the felt around the center of your backing, kind of pleating it as your go.  Keep winding around behind until you run out of felt or you feel it's big enough.  So precise, I know.

Flip your wreath over and make a loop for the wreath hanger.  Pin this, pointing your pins up so that they stay in place.

Pin or hot glue the flower wherever you want it to go.  I added a cute vintage button to the center.  You could add some beads or a brooch or really anything.  I rounded off the edges of the felt after I had made my flower, playing with the shape until I was happy.

Ta Da!

I really like how simple and unequivocably autumnal it is.  Look at me, pulling out the big words.

I'm glad I went with a large straw wreath form for this, even though it was messy.  I like the cleanliness of styrofoam ones, but they're much thinner.

Ah, my two beauties, wreathing my face in smiles.


Too much?