Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh, the things she says!

Here are some quotes from an evening with Ella.

I ran some errands this afternoon, and when I came home, I said, "Ella, I have a surprise for you!"
Ella:  What is it? 
Me:  Oh, just a little something.  I'll show you when I get it out of the car.

Ella {hopping up and down}:  Whatever it is, it's the very thing I've always wanted!

Fast forward a couple of minutes to dinner.  Handsome Hero was telling me about his dentist appointment.

Ella:  I've been to the dentist. {She hasn't.  I know she needs to go - we just had the insurance dealio to work through.  Okay, I'm making excuses.  Stop making me feel guilty!!}
H.H.:  What was it like?
Ella:  Well, it was pretty fun.
H.H.:  What did the dentist tell you?
Ella:  He didn't say anything because he was dressed up in a walrus costume.  You know.

Life with this child is never dull.

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