Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What to do for a little boy who couldn't care less about Halloween but says "woof-woof?"

Make him a puppy, of course!

There is not much point in having whole costumes for Halloween in Wisconsin.

The kids have to wear coats over them, anyway.  So we made Jack a puppy from the neck up.

What's Ella?  Well, she wanted to be a black kitty with white stripes down her back, until I explained that that was what a skunk looks like.

So she was a MOMMY!  If you look you can see bracelets.  Mommy's must accessorize.  She finally agreed to having a baby doll in her sling instead of a teddy bear, but only after she lost the teddy bear.  Whew! 

They waited excitedly for each trick-or-treater to come to the door.

I love his puppiness.  Handsome Hero asked me what makes him a puppy instead of a rabbit.  It's a state of mind.

Notice our matching outfits.  Mommies must band together.

Ella's purse was her candy bag {and Jack's, because puppies don't have opposable thumbs}.  That was a big hit.  And can I tell you something?  Handsome Hero was just as excited as the wonderkids to go around to the neighborhood houses.  He was practically skipping. 

We had an awesome time as a family, and Ella won't soon forget it.  Jack will, but Ella won't.

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