Monday, October 24, 2011

The Farmer's Market

We often go to the farmer's market on Saturdays.  I love the farmer's market.  It goes on all summer downtown, and we go whenever we can. 

I love the smell, I love the produce, I love the stalls, I love the girls dressed in cute skirts and dresses {not that you can see them in these pictures}, I love the crafts for sale that I will never buy, I love the atmosphere. I love the whole thing.

 A crisp, chilly, sunny day. Perfect.

Handsome Hero also enjoys himself, though you wouldn't know it from this picture.

Huh?  Why are you taking my picture?  Quit embarrassing me just so you can have pictures for your blog! 

At this time of year, the produce is more reasonably priced, and we usually come away with lots of yummy veggies like green beans and Brussels sprouts. 

Did you know they are called Brussels sprouts, and not brussel sprouts?  I thought that was interesting.

I love the farmer's market.

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  1. or bill could be wondering if he really is a city slicker. ;) poor shaun will never live that down!