Thursday, October 20, 2011


When we lived in Washington, I made these jewelry holders.  They are plywood circles I found at Lowe's and covered with batting and an old shower curtain.  I loved them, but with the closet layout in this house, there was no place for them but here.

 These pictures were taken after I had removed most of the hooks for the new holder.

They were hidden behind my clothes, and I couldn't really see what I had.

I love the idea of using frames or other beautiful things to display the jewelry, but I have lots of jewelry and instead of making a pretty statement, I thought they would just look crowded.  Also, I wasn't sure what would look good, so I didn't want a bunch of holes in the wall if I could help it.  You're welcome, Handsome Hero.

I asked H.H. to cut a dowel in half and drill holes in it.  After painting it Rustoleum's Marigold and repurposing the hooks, I used ribbon to hang it from the wire shelf above.  Here she is! 

A dear friend who used to sell jewelry had these trays left over that she let me have.  They are perfect for my pins, watches,

belts, bracelets, perfume, safety pins, and lint remover thingy.  What can I say?  I love accessories!

I like the setup, but think having two trays is a bit much.  It leaves no room to use the top of the dresser.  I've been thinking through ideas of how to hang the pins and/or bracelets.  Maybe switching out the lamp for a smaller one and putting something to the left of the necklaces?  A frame, maybe, with cork in the middle?

I'm happy with this for the time being.  I love being able to see what I have.

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  1. Looks nice. We're cheap here, I use thumbtacks and stick them in the wall in rows. :D