Thursday, January 12, 2012

You know the term "Never Met a Stranger?"

We have always told the kids not to talk to strangers unless they are with us.  We don't want them to be really scared, but a little healthy fear is good, I think.

Jack has this down.  He won't talk to anyone.  No one will get information out of that kid!  At least until he learns how to speak legibly....

Accurate depiction:  Jack, tightlipped.  Ella, not so much.

Ella, well, that's another story.  Here are a couple of examples.

Ella and I were walking into a store and she greeted a random man walking past us.  Then she turned to me and said, "He's not a stranger, Mama.  I just don't know him yet."   

What?  Is this a birthday party?  No, party hats are everyday-wear in our house.  This is just how Ella licks a cake beater.

At the gym, I was putting Jack's shoes and coat on when I overheard Ella telling a lady nearby all about herself, her brother, the baby in my tummy, etc.  Then she said, "I have horses on my skirt.  Do you like them?  I also have a bear on my bottom.  See?"  This is true - the tights she was wearing do have a bear on the bottom.  Still, the term T.M.I. comes to mind.

Sporting her new "monoclears" that she got for Christmas.

Still later, we were playing in the play area at McDonalds {you've got to find somewhere for the kids to go crazy in the Winter} and Ella followed people around, telling them about herself.  It sounded like this:

My name is Ella, and my brother is Jack, and my mommy is going to have a baby in the summer, and I'm going to be five in March so that means I'm almost five but not really so I'm four-and-a-half.  Do you want to play with me?

Too close.  A little too close.

I am very thankful for a very friendly and innocent daughter.  I would not change her personality one little bit.  I'm also very sure we have our work cut out for us in correctly identifying to whom she should and should not speak.  And how much is too much personal information.

Jack:  How do you drive this thing?
Handsome Hero:  When did Jack start driving this thing?
Ella:  I think my tongue is pretty.  Don't you?

Oh, the awesome challenges of parenthood.

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