Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing in the snow

On Sunday afternoon, I took these pictures of the kids taking a ride on the lawnmower with Handsome Hero.

What a cute family!

Last week on Sunday afternoon, I took these pictures of Handsome Hero and the kiddos.

A little different....

Ella was awesome helping her brother walk in his snowboots.

You can see on the trees how the wind was blowing during the snow.

Jack was a big helper to daddy.  I'm sure he was able to increase his shoveling time considerably!

Ella pulled Jack on his sled.  He really liked that for about four minutes.

Then Daddy got out the big sled and took Ella down the hill in the back yard.



Jack had no interest in going down the hill, so he stood on the deck with me to take pictures of the fun.

This is fun, Mom.

I'm trying to smile, but my face hurts.  It's cold!

That sledding looks fun, Mama.  I might be ready to try it.

In the end, he went for it.  Cautious, our Jack.

Ella gave them a running push and they were off!

It was a fun afternoon, finishing with steaming hot chocolate {doesn't every snow day finish with steaming hot chocolate}. 

The difference between last week and this week is startling.  We have 40 degree weather in WISCONSIN in JANUARY!  Ella thinks it's summer.

I love this weather!  I did not love the winter last year, and am happy for any reprieve.  I know bad weather is coming, and will probably hit with a vengeance, but I am very content this week to bundle the kids up in jackets instead of heavy coats, mittens, hats, scarves, and boots over their warmest clothes. 

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