Friday, January 27, 2012

Do you know what's in our future?


Not a new one like this.  We wouldn't know what to do with a car that you don't put your feet through the floorboard to stop.  Brakes?  Newfangled.  CD player?  What's a CD player?  No, not new, but a minivan nonetheless.  We might even own our first car from this decade.  A minivan from this decade.  A soccerball-toting, cheerio-filled minivan.

We are not minivan people.

To accurately depict the level to which we have always despised the idea of owning a minivan, I give you these pictures of Ella when she was not yet two.

Hey all you kiddos out there. 

Word to my peeps!  I gotta message so listen up!

We don't want no minivans up in here.  I'm getting my groove on, fo shizzle!

Famous.  Last.  Words.


  1. I remember when this picture was taken. Priceless! Grady & I just had that same conversation last night!! Although I can't stand the minivans, it is more...dare I say it...practical.

    Love you friend! And miss you all!

  2. Love it! And, wow, is that girl CUTE!