Monday, January 23, 2012

Climb Every Mountain

Soooo, I was checking on Jack in room time,

And discovered that he is now a climber.  I would like to point out a few things about this adventurer of mine:

1.  He found and put on his snowboots all by himself.  Over his footy pj's.  My little man.

2.  He is cautious, my Jack.  When Ella started climbing, it was terrifying.  Lots of precarious positions and impossible reaches.  Look at the forethought here!  Every drawer pulled out into makeshift stairs.

3.  In the second drawer is his coat.  I had laid it on top of the dresser, and he needed room, so he put it away in the second drawer instead of throwing it on the floor.  Jack doesn't like a mess.

4.  I already had my camera.  I promise I didn't leave him up there while I ran to get it!  Well, okay, I did, but it was literally only two steps away.

5.  He climbed up to reach his cell phone {an old one of H.H.'s}.  He was "talking to Daddy" on it.

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