Friday, January 13, 2012

A Belated Christmas

Last week, I was planning on posting about my parents' visit over Christmas, but was having trouble uploading pictures and wasn't able to share.  Here, quite late, are my pictures of  Poppy and G.G.'s visit.

Within a couple of minutes of getting here, Poppy was reading to Jack, 

And Ella was snuggling into G.G. and promptly falling asleep.  This never happens!

They brought a U-Haul loaded with my past.  Yep, I've been erased from the family home.  All trace of me is now here in our house.  My childhood dolls, my wedding dress, the hutch my dad made for me when I was four.  I'm not bitter.  I'm not envisioning my mom doing the happy dance around their clutter-free house.  Not at all.  No tears have been shed over this.

Okay, actually I was excited to get some the the childhood things that I can pass on to Ella {I don't think Jack will be interested in Ginny dolls}.  It will be fun to have her enjoy some of the things I enjoyed as a little girl.

They also brought my grandfather's desk.  We haven't had a desk in a couple of years.  Our computer monitor has been sitting on a filing cabinet with an exercise ball as a seat ever since we moved here.  Very nice.

 Okay, it looks like Handsome Hero's not really working, and dad is about to be crushed, but I promise Dad WANTED to be on the bottom end.  And on that note, may I just say how impressed I am by how very strong my dad is?  What a man!  Sorry, Dad {his face is red}.

We decided to take it easy and wait few days before opening gifts.  It was a good decision.  Too much too soon is not good for little people.  So we played and read books and visited.  With coffee.  Lots of coffee.

Ella discovered that Poppy is a good wrestling buddy.  Did you know he used to wrestle?  But I think Ella gave him a run for the money.

This is a blast from the past.  We have tons of pictures of my siblings and I wrestling with my dad.  I think we might have won a couple of times, too.

Jack discovered a love for the train track this visit.

Who's going to play with me?

He also discovered that Poppy is a great playmate.

Oh, yeah.  That's right.  Look who's got Poppy now.

When we did open presents, he loved getting this hat.  It was a favorite.

He wanted everyone to try it on.  It was a community hat.

While he was at it, I got headgear, too.

After presents, we had a lovely turkey dinner.  My mom was sick during this visit, unfortunately, and fell asleep on the couch after we opened presents and while I began getting dinner ready.  She slept through me going, "Mom, I could use some help here!" and the fire alarm that followed.  Not to worry, no fire.  Just a little healthy smoke.

 I'm sporting my new necklace pre-alarm.

Poppy got lots of opportunities to read to the kiddos all of their new books.  It was really wonderful to see.  This was, outside of moving in all the stuff from the U-Haul, a very relaxing visit.  And since I am pregnant and wasn't allowed to lift anything, for me it was just a relaxing visit all the way around.

My dear Aunt Irene made each of the ladies these scarves.  I absolutely love this picture.  We all look good, which is hard to accomplish without a four-year-old in the picture.  I never realized how much I do look like my mom.  My sister has always been a closer match, but here, I see it pretty clearly.

Every time we see my parents, it is a wonderful time of fellowship, conversation, and coffee.  Lots of coffee.  We miss them terribly each time they leave, and look forward to the next visit as soon as the last one ends.  We love you, G.G. and Poppy!


  1. Aww - thanks for sharing! So glad you loved getting some of your childhood heirlooms! I hope my kids feel the same as I am totally doing the happy dance with each box that leaves the house! But their always are things mommas don't part with to remind them of the kiddos - we just don't tell you what they are ;) So glad you had a GREAT visit with your folks! And yes, you do look like your mom ( who BTW looks very young! ) Hugs! Janet

  2. I love reading your blog - even if it takes me a while to get to it! I felt honored to be a substitute for you and Rebecca at the Christmas Eve service @ your dad's church. We sat next to them on the front row - my mom said that she & Ian (3 in March) sat on the front row for a Christmas service at their church earlier in the week, and he didn't make a peep because he was so interested in the program! We had our doubts, but sure enough, no peeping from Ian :). I hope you are doing well - I guess I knew, but I forgot you were pregnant. Congratulations! Hope to see you guys the next time you are in town, however, with 2 little ones & a pregnant mommy, I don't really expect you to be here for quite some time. Let people come to you :). Love you!