Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Better late than never

I realize that I am a bit late here, and you are probably tired of Christmas pictures, but here they are anyway {insert toothy grin}. 

Handsome Hero is an awesome gift giver.  Really fantastic.  And he always signs the gift tags in funny ways.  Here are some of this year's tags.

To: Hot Mama
From: Eye Candy
To: Hot Stuff
From:  Cool Daddy-o
To: The Boss
From: The Big Boss
To: My Sweetie
From: Lots O'Sugar

The kiddos inspected the tree.

It passed muster, apparently.

I'm ready for presents, Mom!

Ella was very excited about her set of Little House books,

And promptly sat down to get "reading."

Jack was thrilled with his matchbox cars! 

Handsome Hero was very happy to get the books he had asked for. 

I was very happy with my beautiful new necklace, bracelet, and teal leather gloves.  No, I didn't pick them out!  Handsome Hero did!  Didn't I tell you he is a wonderful gift giver? 

It was a wonderful Christmas.

Did you know there were teal cows?

Wait, are those wrinkles on my forehead?

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