Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope your Christmas and New Years were full of joy and excitement!  We have had a wonderful Christmas staying at our house for the first time ever {excluding Jack's birth, which doesn't really count}.  I'll tell you about it all later in the week.  Today, frankly, I'm too busy.  Handsome Hero is home, and we are in full organization/purge mode.  Here's the rundown for today {and following}.

1.  He's downstairs right now putting in a faucet that has been sitting patiently by waiting to be installed since we moved in. 
2.  Ella and I just went through all her books and toys, setting some aside to make room for the new ones. 
3.  We've made a pile of things from all areas of the house to go to Goodwill later today. 
4.  My label maker is getting lots of use marking office and craft supply bins.
5.  Lots of items are sitting by the door waiting to be returned to their respective stores.
6.  After areas are cleared and organized, they need to be cleaned.
If I were thinking ahead, I would have taken before pictures of all the areas in which we have been working, but it never crossed my mind until it was too late.  Oh, well.  I look forward to updating the blog, telling you about our little family and the things I've learned these last two weeks, as well as posting some adorable photos of the kids playing in the snow yesterday.  For now, though, I'm on a mission to make our home clutter free again!  Have a wonderful day.

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