Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Zoo

Did you know that the zoo in Madison, WI is FREE? I didn't either! We hopped on over there on Monday before coming home.

First stop - the lions.  No, I realize that's a picture of Ella.  I mean on the rock behind her.

See?  So majestic.

Jack was a fussy pants, so he stayed in the stroller.

Daddy and Ella, looking around.

Okay, I realize I'm the only one smiling, but it's the only family shot we have.  Also, I would like to comment on my pastiness.  Believe it or not, I put self tanning lotion on my legs before this trip.  What's that you say?  I should ask for a refund?  No, my friends, that's the sad part.  It worked.  You should have seen the "before."  While wearing sunglasses.

Moving on, here are some rhinos.  Ella immediately saw a resemblance to dinosaurs she's seen.  Smart kid, that one.

Giraffe, auditioning for the part of a cigar-smoking mobster licking his lips.

Okay, how come I'm the baby chick here?  Do you know the contortions I had to put myself through to reach this height?

That's more like it!  Nice face, Ella!  I'd look like that if I just hatched.

I love these next couple of pictures on the carousel.  Handsome Hero kept calling out for Ella to smile at him.  She smiled beautifully.

Her aim needs some work, though.

Jack loved riding the hippo. 

Here's a nostalgic moment.  The first time we went to the zoo with Ella, she waved at the hippos and said, "Hi, 'Po!"  {sigh, tear} 

Now, don't forget to take in the beauty that is my whiteness.  Is it just me or do my legs look like they belong on another body?

Back to the subject at hand...  So cute!

Ella, apparently being eaten by a polar bear cub instead of being the polar bear cub.

We really enjoyed our time at the zoo.  I don't know that I cared one way or another when I was little, but as an adult, I just love going to the zoo.  God's creation is mind-blowing.  It is a great reminder to me.


  1. Your photo commentary totally made me laugh! And you aren't THAT white! Looks like an awesome day! I have never been to the Madison Zoo, can you believe it?

  2. Your family is beautiful, and so are you. WI pastiness and all. Hey, you should see the comparative between MY legs and arms! Ha! Now that would put yous to shame :P