Monday, June 6, 2011

My day

Ella loves to cuddle.  LOVES to cuddle.  As we cuddle together, she will say, "Tell me about your day, Mama."  This means all parts of the day that pertain to her.  And as I tell her, she will correct my history.  "No, Mama, I got dressed BEFORE Jack got dressed {cue Ella sighing because I can't remember the important things}." 

When I ask how her day was , she will usually tell me about all of her discipline problems with her baby, Dorrie.

Ella took this picture of Dorrie.  I think it's creepy, but only because it's a doll.

Apparently, that baby is one defiant little kid.  I wouldn't want that headache.  I'll leave it to the pro.

Tonight, as we cuddled, I told her about my day, and then asked about hers.  She said, "Well, Dorrie woke up before me.  What time did I wake up?  Eight o'clock?  Dorrie woke up at seven o'clock.  When did you wake up?  Well, Dorrie woke up when you woke up.  When was that?  Seven o'clock?  That's when Dorrie woke up.  I didn't wake up until eight o'clock, but Dorrie was already up.  She wakes up early like that every morning!  She wakes up before me and is so loud she wakes me up, but I don't wake up until eight o'clock.  She woke up at seven o'clock."

I said, "What happened after you woke up, Ella?"

She answered, "I'll have to save it for another day.  It's already been too much."

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