Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jack's perspective

Hey.  My name is Jack.  I'm just a cute kid who laughs in the face of danger.  See those construction sawhorses in the background?  HA!  See?

My mom asks if I could please walk soon, because her back hurts.  I'm holding out for a pony.

That's my sister, Ella.  She's cool.

She's bigger than me now, but watch out!  I'm growing!

I like cars.  I'm a driving machine.

Hey, Mom!  This is a pink car!

I need to find another ride.  This is so not cool.

Oh, yeah, baby.  This is more like it!

Just a-cruisin' along. 

My sister prefers to go by boat, but for me, the open road is the only way to travel.  Unless...

It's by SWING!

Yeah, this is the life!

Don't be jealous of my cuteness.  It takes a special person to carry this look off.

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