Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playing in the pool

We were in Tennessee the last two weeks, visiting my family.  I tried to keep up with the blog initially, but it just wasn't as important as hanging out with my parents.  I know that each and every one of you were devastated.  I heard you crying from below the Mason Dixon.

I had visions of having this great post with pictures of the kids playing in the amazing water fountains in Chattanooga.  In my head, there would be glorious moments, squeals of delight, and perfect weather.

That didn't happen.  The weather never cooperated, and there were lots of thunderstorms.  Our power even went out for an evening {that sure could have been worse}.  We took the short opportunities with good weather to play in the kiddie pool on the deck.  They were in before the water was!

My mom still had Little Mermaid swim diapers left over from when Ella was Jack's age.  I think he looks good in pink.

My beautiful Ella.  I love this picture.

We played with lots of kitchen utensils and colandars, pitchers, and cups.

We did a little sunbathing.

We played peek-a-boo.

I soooooo love this picture!

And we played with G.G.

I would have loved to have some pictures of them playing in the fountains, but they didn't feel any disappointment at all.  They got to play in the water, love on their G.G., and their worlds were perfect.  Hmmm.  Good lesson.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Bad weather is disappointing-especially on vacation but I'm glad to hear you still enjoyed yourselves and got some R&R. Welcome back, BTW :)

  2. I love Ella's swimsuit! So cute!

    Also I love Jack's swim diaper! lol that is adorable!