Friday, June 17, 2011


My mom has a hula hoop at her house.  She's really good at it!  Last night we took turns hula hooping our tummies off.  I have learned something about hula hooping.  No one looks their best while they do it. 

Here is mom concentrating.

And here she is trying to smile. 

I am a flailer, apparantly.  I was unable to keep my hands down while hula hooping.  I was also unable to keep the hula hoop up. 

I was also unable to keep myself from the dreaded double hula hooping chin.  It's a rare condition that usually results in not allowing your picture to be taken while in the act of hula hooping ever again.

While we were in the midst of such frivolity, my dear bud, Sara Beth, came over to hang out.   

We had to take our picture twice because we both thought I was taller than her, so we took our shoes off for better accuracy.

Hmm.  She's still taller.  We made her hula hoop before we left.  Sara Beth is nothing if not a willing sport.  I love that girl!

She is a multitasker.  Sara Beth was able to hula hoop while carrying on a conversation.  That, to me, is the definition of awesome. 

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  1. Alright, Yo, you are looking HOT! Way to go! And you are a darn good hoola-hooper!