Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dining chairs

The first piece of real furniture I bought for myself {way back in 2001} was a simple yet beautiful dropleaf table and two chairs from an antique store.  I still love them.  That's the thing about antiques.  If you love them now, you will probably still love them ten or twenty years down the road. 

I'm a big Ikea fan, and would drive hours just to spend some time in one, but I know that the furniture there is not something I will love in ten years.  I'm not alone in this - just check craigslist!  I sometimes think it should be called Ikealist!  Hardiharhar!  Get it?  Ahem, well, moving on.

My mom and I found some beautiful material to cover the chairs, and I've had that same upholstery on these chairs for twelve years. That's pretty amazing for me, considering our other dining chairs have had four different looks over seven years. I actually still love the tone-on-tone gold material we used ten years ago, but I wanted to freshen them up.  The set lives in our piano room {doesn't it sound decadent that we have a room we call the piano room?} and I didn't want it to feel so formal in there.

I found this black and white material at Joann's and recovered the chairs.  It isn't a drastic change for the room, but before the chairs blended into the wall color too much, so I think it's way better.  They're also a good compliment to the curtains.

At one point I had a picture of one chair in the old and one chair in the new upholstery, but it has gone the way of VHS and Hammer pants.  Anyway, I love the new upholstery.  It is much more in keeping with my vision of what this room with be.

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