Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Curtains for You!

Pronounced "coytuns" please.  Anyway, I've been waiting for curtains in our piano room forever.  Well, for almost a year. 

Let's back up.  This was how the room started.




Okay.  Enough heckling myself.

I had no idea where to go from here.  I knew I wanted color in the room, but couldn't figure out how to do it in a way that wasn't overpowering and obnoxious because it's the first room you see when you enter the house and it opens into the dining room.  The furniture placement was not negotiable because of the grand piano, the fireplace, and the open wall to the front entry {which is to the left off camera in the picture above}.  One day, I just sat in the room and looked at it for about twenty minutes, and looked down at my purse, and said, "That's it!"  Remember the purse that I accidentally made my bed with in this post?  I matched the color and painted a focal wall.  Does it make me an odd duck that I matched my wall to my purse?  I'll have to think about that one....

NO!!  I think a great way to figure out what colors to use in your home is to check your closet.  There's a reason you lean toward certain colors. 

There you have it.  A nugget of wisdom from me.  Now that's I'm 33, I have many to share.  Aren't you lucky?

Ta Daaaaa!  I love it.  I find it very energizing.  I wanted to do a strong curtain in here to balance the green. The problem was the cost.  Because these windows get full afternoon sun, I would have to line them or they would fade.  The cheapest ready-made curtains I could find that were well-lined were $25 a panel.  Doesn't sound too bad until you see that I need four of them, and, frankly, we're cheapskates.  I looked for months on ebay and online, scoured fabric stores, and even tried to find tablecloths with cool patterns that I could make into curtains.  Nothing was "it" and finally we just decided that a year of looking was enough already.  Hancocks had a sale, and I took the plunge with a fabric I had fallen in love with months ago but hadn't chosen because of the cost.

I love them.  I'm not sure the pattern plays well in the photo, but they are a strong geometric print in a heavy fabric.  The picture above is off colorwise - it's true black and white. 

I'm on my way toward getting this room the way I want it.  I'll keep you updated with each project! 

And, I should add, all the pillows are going to be recovered and the sad little yellow chair is leaving.  I wanted to try to reupholster it, but it's way beyond my meager talents and every time you sit in it, little balls of foam come flying out. 

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  1. Gorgeous!-Just like you my dear ;) You did a superb job :)