Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yummy in Yellow

I found this table on the side of the road last Fall, and thought that it would make a great side table for a reading nook in our room.  Unfortunately, it was too cold to paint it until now.

I started out by sanding off the rough edges and any sheen.

Next came a couple of light coats of primer,

Then I painted it a nice yellow, which looks great against the gray of our bedroom.

See the bird I wrote about a couple of weeks ago?  Same color.  Obviously.  Because it is on the same piece of cardboard.  With the same paint.

Once it was dry, I put the table in our room next to the chair. 

That chair is going as soon as I can get the new chair upholstered.  I hope that's before the baby comes....  I debated antiquing the table, but I truly love the brightness of the yellow.

It's sitting near the entry to the room, and truthfully, I just put things on it for the pictures.  I'm waiting to actually decorate it until the kiddos get used to it.  Right now it's a source of fascination, and tips a bit more easily than would be comfortable with a vase of flowers or a heavy candle or books on it.

I do love a pretty pedestal table.

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