Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She's blooming!

I've been DYING to share this.  Simply DYING!

Copyright: Janice Ahn

My beautiful sister,

devoted wife,

um, no, really!

fabulous aunt,

and now a mom-to-be. 

She finally announced this to the world yesterday, or to facebook, which is the same thing as announcing to the world, isn't it? 

Just between you and me and my mom, she is going to be a terrific mother.  For example, she was the best babysitter ever.  When I babysat, I decided kids were not a natural fit for me.  And then I went on to be a teacher {read: dealing with kids all day} and have three children {read: dealing with kids all day}.  Go figure!  When Rebecca babysat, she got really excited about entering into their imaginative little games and would come home exhausted and saying things like, "Well, we played time machine, and he only wanted to be Indiana Jones, so I had to be everyone else!"  I would have been counting the minutes until bedtime, but she was fascinated enough to sit and play for hours.

Of course, this is also the girl who thought she was a mouse for three years.  She came home from school each day, pulled on her pink leotard and headband complete with mouse ears, and taped a yarn tale to her bottom.  Then she put tube socks on her arms and legs for fur, and she had completed the transformation into mousedom.

Admit it. You would love to have her for a mom! 

Whoops.  Not convincingly maternal.  Um, here we go:

Ah, yes.  A mother in bloom.

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