Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm not stumped anymore! Ella and Jack's room

Ella and Jack are going to be sharing a room very soon, and I'm getting antsy.  I am feeling the time crunch and I want to get going decorating this space!  So what's the hold-up?  Well, I've been stuck on how to create a space that is suitable for both a two-year-old boy who loves balls and trucks and a five-year-old girl who loves dolls and playing house.

One of the things I often suggest people do to figure out a color scheme is to shop the scrapbook paper sheets in their local craft store or spend some time looking at fabrics, because often a fabric designer has several related fabrics that can give you color ideas.  I know what you're thinking.  What a wise suggestion!  That girl is truly a genius!  She should have her own design show!  Isn't that what you're thinking?  Isn't it?  Well, then you'll be shocked to learn that even with these handy tips, I've been hitting my head against the wall.  Inspiration has been slow in coming.  As in, the inspiration train left the station while my pregnant self was waddling toward it. 

Well, friends, that is done.  I've finally been stung by the decorating bee {I thought it was time for another alliteration.  The train wasn't doing it for me anymore}. Ready for it?  The kids' room colors are going to be {drum roll, please}:


with small splashes of


to help Ella still feel girly.

Awesome, right?  If you disagree, don't tell me.  I think these colors will work because of the neutral beigy walls of this room.  I had originally thought of painting a focal wall, but with such a bold color palette, I think I'll keep the walls beige and use the colors in the accessories.  I mean, there's already pink:

What do you think? I'm finally excited to start working on this room! I'm going to go fabric shopping this weekend, which is like going to a candy store for me.  It is possible that I will change my mind on the color palette if I see something else more fabulous, but I'm hormonal and that's totally allowed.  At least this has given me a starting off point.

Here's my to-do list for the space:
 - Make new curtains with black-out lining that cover the windows completely {they get the morning sun}.
 - Redo the embroidery hoops on the wall in a creative way.
 - Find some cheap frames and paint them to match, filling them with either pictures of the kids or their artwork.
 - Make built-in bookshelves for either side of the closet doors {a big project, but one I think is necessary}.
 - Buy bunk beds.
 - Find some bedding for Jack.
 - Introduce Jack to a big boy bed and get him to stay in it {this was actually supremely easy with Ella, but Jack is his own little self and I'm not holding my breath that he'll be as easy}.
 - Repaint the table and chairs in there.
 - Make more seating - details to follow.
 - Anything else I haven't thought of.

This seems a bit daunting, but lots of the projects either aren't hard or aren't time consuming.  And the big bonus is that the nursery is done.  We just have to move Jack out of it.  And if all of these projects aren't totally complete before the baby comes, who cares?  Well, I do.  A lot.  But I'm trying to take the relaxed view.  Trying hard.  Really hard.  So hard it's giving me a headache. 

See, I'm relaxed. 

What do you mean, I just look constipated? 

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