Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Apple Matt comes to visit!

Handsome Hero's brother, Matt, came to visit us over the weekend.  It was wonderful to see him again {it's been awhile}.  The kids were so excited, especially Jack, that his Apple Matt was coming.  Does anyone else see the resemblance? I think these brothers look alike, but it may just be their mannerisms.

It is weird seeing two grown men treating each other like, well, boys.  Communication is done through silly put-downs and stuff.  I guess I have to get ready if that's the way brothers communicate.  Sisters don't do that, and we have only one brother, David, so he didn't have anyone to trade insults with, because instead of joining in we'd just start crying.  Poor David.

The kids adored their Uncle, um, Apple, Matt.  He has all boys, so Ella was a bit of an education for him.  They worked out an arrangement - he played house with her, and she built lincoln log towns and railroad tracks with him. 

Jack just did whatever. As long as he was being included, he didn't much care what he did. 

We were sad to see Matt go, and eagerly look forward to the next time!

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