Thursday, April 19, 2012

Allow me to introduce our new arrival

What?  Did you think the baby had come?

No, friends, this is Walter.  He's my new elephant/bowl/dish thingy.

I eyed him for awhile at World Market, and finally bit the bullet.  I just think he's adorable, if slightly kitchy.  Or more than slightly kitchy.  Ella thinks he goes well with her dog, Ellen.

While I don't like too much clutter around {it offends my aversion to dusting}, I do enjoy adding little things that are funny or whimsical to liven up a space.  I try to be careful to edit, though, so that everything on display is interesting and nothing is just taking up space.

As for our other upcoming arrival, well, judging by this picture that I took this morning,

I'm still hatching.

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