Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Photo Shoot

My mom volunteers at a local clothing donation center.  She always looks to see if there's something for the kids, and recently called to say she had found a play dress for Ella.  Ella is currently asks to wear a dress nearly everyday, so I was very happy to add to our stash.

When we got the dress, Ella loved it!  She immediately called her G.G. {my mom} to thank her, and said she would take a picture and send it to her.  However, when I got out the camera, she didn't just want a picture.  She wanted a photo shoot.  She posed herself, and sometimes Jack, for each picture. 

Pretend I'm thinking, Mama.

I'll rest my arm on Jack's head here, Mama.

I'll hug him in this one, Mama.

Then she added the sweater for an accessory.

Come back here, Jack!  Don't worry, I'm smiling, Mama.

But I AM looking at the camera, Mama!

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