Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh, how they differ!

When I was great with child #2,

I mean, SERIOUSLY great with child #2,

I was a little nervous about his personality.  I mean, Ella, while energetic, is a pretty easy kid.  What if he was a demon child, or a terror?

Let me reintroduce you to Jack.

The single most relaxed child on the planet. 

This is Jack being excited.

 This is Jack in the middle of a lazy How you doin'?

This is Jack giving a really big smile.

This is Hungry Jack.  {I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!}

To say that he is a far cry from my dear vivacious firstborn

is an understatement.

But, should you need further proof, I give you the following:

A huge source of my daily entertainment is found in how different these guys are.  I am so glad I have one playful, energetic, over-the-top child and one easygoing, calm, cool and collected child.  What will they be like in a year?  Whatever they become, they are surely individual.

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