Saturday, April 9, 2011

The kitchen - the evolution part 2

Once we painted the walls this pretty blue, the little orange pendant looked pretty silly and dinky.

So I went on the hunt for something more substantial that wouldn't break the bank.  Then I saw this:

Oversized and over-the-top, I know, but I thought I could make something like it.  It's made out of a chinese {japanese?} lantern and...wait for filters!  Cheap and easy, though time-consuming.  Definitely a job for the evenings while Handsome Hero was out of town.

So I copied the look on a more reasonable scale, but it was too white, so I painted the tips {please excuse the messy kitchen for these shots.  I was a woman on a mission during this project.}.

Still a bit too white, so I painted it again, with a darker shade, but forgot to take a picture.  It still didn't work.  It was too fluffy for the space.  In fact, when Handsome Hero came home, he burst out laughing {I hadn't told him I was doing it, so it was quite a surprise.  Don't worry.  It wasn't permanent and I still had the glass pendant in case it didn't work}!  So, I gave it to a friend who hung it in her daughter's nursery.  Perfect!  At least those many hours and glue gun-burnt fingers didn't totally go to waste.

Now I was consumed.  I went in search of a drum shade.  Turns out, one in the size I wanted was really expensive online, but I found a barely tapered one at TJ Maxx for around $10!  Handsome Hero and I covered it in fabric, and viola!

Originally, I wanted some sort of geometric print, but because of the taper in the shade, I decided it would look silly around the seam.  Though I had been drawn to it from the beginning, I had been a little concerned that this charcoal gray floral would be too dark for the space, but it works well with the stools and accessories and adds weight to the room. 

I actually tried to cover the shade in a cream, lighter weight fabric first, thinking to blend in with the window covering, but it just wrinkled and ruined with the spray adhesive.   So I went with what I loved, and I'm thrilled.  And I love the fabric so much that I'm using it on this bench.  

Word to the wise - if you are thinking of covering a shade, I highly recommend having a second set of hands.  The first time I did it by myself and had a really hard time, and I'm sure much of the reason the shade didn't work is because of my several redos.  The second time, Handsome Hero and I did it together.  Much easier.  Worlds easier.  Galaxies easier. 

p.s.  those of you who were involved in helping me reach my decisions in this project - thank you!

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