Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter eggs made from bookpages - tutorial

I love decorating with book pages.  This is a cork board I covered.  The pages are from a hymnal from my granddad's house.  The hymn in the middle is Savior, Like a Shepherd, Lead Us, which we sang at our wedding.

This is a wreath made with the same hymnal pages.

I have four copies of that hymnal from his house so I have lots of projects I can do.  Not only are they music, obviously dear to my heart, but they are from my grandparents' house and have sentimental value.

This is one cute project!  I typically only decorate for Christmas.  Stylistically, I don't usually like Easter decorations.  They're very, well, pastel.  Also, I don't want to promote the Easter Bunny or any other myth when the resurrection of Christ should the sole focus of the day {and quite frankly, of our lives}. 

These eggs are just cute, and because they aren't pastel, they're for the whole spring season {or the whole year, if you're so inclined.  They'd make great Christmas ornaments}.

What you need:
A book
Mod Podge
Plastic Easter eggs

1.  Take your eggs and place them on the paper.  Cut enough to cover, but not overlap much. 

2.  Paint the circumference of the egg with Mod Podge.

3.  Wrap the eggs.  I recommend doing steps 2 and 3 to all the eggs first, and continuing in an assembly line.  It allows the Mod Podge to dry a bit between steps so it isn't slippery.

4.  With your scissors, cut the paper into strips on one side.

5.  In order to keep the paper smooth once you start glueing it down, gently tear the strips down a bit further.

6.  When you're done, it will look like this.

7.  Now apply Mod Podge to the exposed egg and begin to wrap strips upward.

I thought it looked best if I went around the circle in order, but that may be because I was using music pages instead of regular book pages.

Now you have one side done.  It should look relatively like this.  Again, I would go in an assembly line so that the Mod Podge has time to dry before tackling the other side.

When you are done, you can put them in a bowl for decoration, glue them to a wreath form as an Easter wreath, or any number of other cool displays.  I hot glued jewelry wire to them and hung them from my chandelier.

I love it, but it needs more.  More of what, though?  More book page eggs?  More color?  I'll let you know when I decide.

Pretty!  It seems like you can cover anything in book pages, and it always looks classy.

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  1. What a great idea! Well done! This looks really fun hanging from your lights! Love all your creativity!