Monday, April 11, 2011

The kitchen - the evolution part 3

Handsome Hero's parents gave us a monetary gift for Christmas.  It is always fun to work together to figure out how to spend a monetary gift given to both of you.  We had many ideas, but finally settled on a new kitchen faucet.

All the faucets in our house need to be replaced.  They all leak.  Every one of them.  And I'm thrilled!!!  You know why?  Because they are all the same very ugly two-toned nastiness.  Including the kitchen sink {though the picture is of the bathroom sink, obviously}.

So Handsome Hero is replacing them one at a time.  It's nice having such a handy husband.

The kitchen faucet was awful.  Besides leaking, it stood only five inches above the center "bump" {what do you call that thing?} of the sink, so if anything was in the sink, I couldn't fill a pot without tipping it. 

While the other faucets are easy to replace as we find things on clearance, the kitchen faucet was tricky.  As you can see, the knobs on the cabinets are {though they look black} antique bronze, or oil rubbed bronze, or whatever. Since there are close to forty cabinets and drawers, and since that look will work really well with our new counters {whenever those happen}, we needed to find a faucet that matched, and antique bronze is never on clearance.  Never.  Just so you know.

Enter the In-Laws.  Thanks to them and a coupon we found, we only had to pay $20 for this new beauty.

I know.  A full eleven inches of space with which to fill a pot, and it's gorgeous.  A functional beauty. 

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