Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November moments

On this last day in November, I thought I would share some moments from the month.

Playing outside {something we can't do for long}
Are you seriously standing in my way? 

Thanksgiving dinner - Ella ate the whole drumstick.
I can totally handle this.

Ella's new winter hat, made my my good friend, Joslyn.
You can never say no to a face this cute. 

Ella and Jack reading to eachother.
We're just hangin', Mom.

And family pictures:

A rare picture with both of us smiling!
The Lewis ladies

He wasn't happy about it, but he at least looked at the camera.  Jack, not H.H.
The Lewis men, photo taken by Ella.

I hope your November was wonderful, and that you are looking forward to December as much as I am!  Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year!  I am having to pace myself so that I don't decorate everything too early and then get sick of it.  Any of you diehards already decorate?  Has anyone else been listening to Christmas music for a couple of weeks now?  Bing, Nat, and Frank serenade me daily, a true delight.

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  1. HAHA my Grandma decorated the WHOLE HOUSE the day before thanksgiving, Next year she will probably decorate the day after Halloween!