Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things I'm thinking about today

Here are some random thoughts I have been thinking for no reason at all.  That's what makes them random.

Why do I cry at Folgers commercials?  I never used to cry at that stuff.

Handsome Hero taught me how to roll my earphones so they don't unravel and break.  I always wondered how people did that, and now I'm part of the club.

Jack gives me a dirty looks recently.  What did I do to him?  Just feed him and clothe him and make him put back that piece of candy ... oh.

I have been into Pavaroti in a major way this week.  I can't get enough of that operatic genius.  I also have been strangely drawn to Harry Connick, Jr.'s Christmas album.  Weird.

Ella likes classical music.  I hope it makes her smarter.

I need to go on a date.  I haven't had a date with Handsome Hero since our anniversary.  I NEED a date!

The kids want to hold hands all the time.  I hope the affection lasts forever.

Why don't the kids see that whiny voices never acheive their aim?

Jack sincerely needs a haircut.  It's amazing how long and curly his hair is.

I am going to go play with my kiddos now.

Peace out, random thoughts.


  1. i never used to cry at random things like that til i got pregnant. and it never went away. it's gotten a ton better though. my mom cries at EVERYTHING. so shaun and my sister's husband make fun of the both of us when they see us with the "julie face". ((boys!!)) we used to listened to classical music when i worked at the daycare. i'm not sure all of them were smarter because of it, but it for sure was better then listening to nursery rhyme songs all day. if it works out, we would totally watch your kiddos so you can get your much needed date. because i agree you NEED a DATE! dustin was "reading" evaleigh a book this morning. i love watching their affectionate hearts. ((although miss evaleigh saw me with a camera in hand and instead of listening to her brother kept smiling at me and saying cheese. i eventually snuck a picture of "the moment".)) i dislike whiny voices very much. very very much. jack is so stinkin' cute. as long as no one has callen him "jack-elyn" it must not be tooooo long. hope you had fun playing with your kiddos. there. no you have MY random thoughts on YOUR random thoughts. :)

  2. ahhhhh, and my first thought was - is beth pregnant!